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in the middle of the Atlantic

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    in the middle of the Atlantic

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm writing to introduce myself: I'm living in Azores and i'm the happy owner of a fantastic and very british (even if it had a suzuki motor) Bedford Rascal!

    I bought this van from a farmer who left it stoped for 2 years in a open field.
    I used it as a "easy car to park" in Lisbon (where i lived for 3 years) and it was very usefull to bring my things to this island.
    In fact, i packed most part of my furniture in this van! (all ikea, whith flated boxes) ...

    The true its that i loved this small van, and it was my first car in the island, but so far, it was enough to discovery all the small and dirty tracks arround!

    Two years ago, we decided to make a trip on the other islands of Azores, and i transformed it in a camping car... a micro motorhome!

    I built a base in metal, to sport the base of the bed (yes, there is 2m long inside to sleep well comfortable and without need to bend your legs!)
    Theres is also a small area on the side to wide material, and all the rest go under de base.

    all with industrial carpet, to reduce the noise. it have also a 4cm mat to transforme it in a real bed!

    I will post latter some photos from the trip we have made.

    this van it's very easy and nice to drive. It have a quiet motor, it drinks like 6l/100, witch i consider very good, if you remember that it have 20 years old.
    Very good traction and clear distance from the ground (good for small countryside roads and drive out of the beaten track!)

    the only problem.... there is no front, so please avoid to have a frontal impact with it!

    hope you like my little van!

    Hi Tiago

    Welcome to our forum, thank you for sharing the pictures of your van, it sounds like you it comes in very useful, well done on the conversion.

    I look forward to seeing some pictures of your exploits on the Azores.

    Happy camping
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      A very good conversion you have there! I will also look forward to seeing your camping pictures.


        Hi there, a nicely lined van, I like the storage on the side and the door trims. Very cosy and practical for general use.
        Derek Our Berlingo camping car


          Hello from me, looking forward to your pictures.


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