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    Hello there,I guess it's about time I made contact...Although we (my wife Jo and I) joined a while back,we had what I believe the Chinese call an "interesting" year in 2010 but hoprfully we'll come out of hiding this year . Both retired and now own a C15 which we are determined to use when the dust settles..No particular skills but have enjoyed camping in the past...More to follow...Thanks and 'bye

    hello folks,
    nice to hear from you,I also had an"interesting "2010 so I hope we will see you at one of our meets.Its nice to meet new chums who share your interest in camping.

    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


      Hello Viv and Jo,
      We've had the odd 'interesting year', and our van has proved to be our respite and/or retreat! You don't need to0 many skills, and if you have any questions, post away here for either our combined knowledge (most of the time ) or occasionally combined ignorance (at least you won't be on your own!).
      Welcome and have many trips.
      Aileen. x


        Hi Viv and Jo

        Glad you have survived your "interesting year" it's nice to hear from you, I hope you get to enjoy your van this year and get lots of

        Perhaps we'll see you at a meet sometime, if not we'll give you a when we pass you on the road.

        Happy camping.
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          Hi there!

          Have a look at the meets planned in the 'Fancy Meeting Up?' section and some and meet some of us!

          Won't be soon til spring now....


            Hello Viv and Jo
            Yes a very interesting 2010 for me also, changed my C15 (I loved it) to a bigger van I'm a big chap 6' 1" 186 lbs so for me bigger was better.
            Yes it's nice to meet new chums, and see old one each year on site up and down the country, look forward to meeting you on our meets.
            Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
            'Live without regrets'


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