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I am back

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    I am back

    Hello all!
    Having now moved from Manchester to the West Midlands and having to leave my Romahome behind I am now considering a self build to get back on the open road.
    My son, who lives in Middlesex, has been offered the school mini bus at a very reasonable price so I am thinking very seriously about it. Any help, ideas, information or encouragement would be appreciated. Pete Smallwood

    Hi Pete

    Welcome back to the forum, the minibus sounds like an interesting project, keep us informed.

    We have one or two self-build experts, they might have a few tips for you.
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      Hi Pete, glad you're back!

      A mini bus sounds a marvellous base vehicle for a self build, plus they do tend to fit down country lanes and such!

      The first thing I would do is see what speed it would do on the open road, as mini buses spend most of their life doing under 30mph pootling about. And check the price of new tyres, and what MPG it does on a run. I don't think they were built with fuel economy in mind, althoough the newer ones must have been.

      Can't wait to hear whether you're going for it!


        Hi Pete welcome back , your minibus project sounds good, a lot of work good luck, keep us informed of progress if you do decide to go ahead
        Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
        'Live without regrets'


          Checkout a site caled " Self build motorhome" Last time I looked it was very helpfull & full of information.


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