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Hello, folks.

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    Hello, folks.

    Hi everyone. this is Di here.
    Have just joined the forum following a star rated recommendation. I am in the process of buying a Talbot motor home from very good friends who [bless their hearts] are letting me use it whilst still paying for it. We have booked the ferry across to Calais at the beginning of June and are heading across to Brittany for 4 weeks, just meandering around and stopping off where we find a place of interest or just when we feel like it! I can't wait
    Although we've all been to Brittany before this is the first time we're taking our dogs so the holiday should be interesting to say the least with an adorable cocker-poo, a highly strung collie and a big sloppy labrador to keep us on our toes!
    I'd be keen to know of anyone who has insured an older motor home. Are there any companies which will give reasonable rates for a 19 year old van? It's got a very low mileage and is in superb condition. I've looked at the Caravan and Camping Club insurance and would like to compare their costs with others.
    Look forward to talking to you all. Di.

    Hello Di

    Welcome to our friendly forum, I would be interested to know where the star rated recommendation came from.

    Your four weeks holiday meandering sounds lovely, that's what we want to do when we have retired, can't wait. Have fun and hope the sun shines.
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      Hello Di,

      I have my camper insured through safeguard... but as for how they compare with others I have no idea. I just know they were cheapest for me. (sister company of my car insurance so big starter discount and when it was off road for repair and I wanted to change to 3rd party , fire and theft they gave me another discount, so worth telling them the quote you have if they are dearer.)
      Hope this helps

      I make occasional visits to reality, but I'm not a full time resident


        Hello Di,
        I am insured with N.I.G via Devitts,via The Caravan Club,they seem cheap to me,and paid out full value plus contents no quibble when my van was stolen.
        So,I stay with them, but I have heard that Safeguard are good and cheap.
        If you want a practise run before going over the channel,come and join us at Morton in Marsh and meet the chums.
        Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


          Hi Di I can't help with insurance I have always been with the Camping and Caravan Club and in May will change to the Camping Club who are a little cheaper and very very good, sometimes the cheapest is not always the best.
          Enjoy your Brittany trip sounds good, let us know how you get on, hope to meet you on our meets as on this forum, great folks, good advice given if you ever need it, safe trip
          Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
          'Live without regrets'


            Hello and welcome to the forum!

            I tow a tin tent, so can't advise on camper insurance these days. I went for Adrian flux when I had a romahome as that was the cheapest. However, a few years later, when I sold the van and surrendered the insurance (which I had only taken out a month before I sold it) I only got pennies back. A very expensive months insurance!


              Thanks, folks I've now got a few companies to compare prices with. I get the van on Tuesday [fingers crossed] so will be able to play 'wendy house' with it.

              Graham, the star recommendation came from VonUK. She's collecting her new Roma25 today and is so-oo excited!

              jayjay, I've heard about other companies who haven't given a proper refund when policies are surrendered-it's certainly a question I shall ask so thanks.

              Ian and minimouse, I've heard of Safeguard so will definitely be giving them a call. As for joining you at one of your meets [thanks Ian and gadgetman] I certainly will be trying to do so. I'm waiting for a hip operation and am hoping it'll all be done and dusted by the end of May although I do have contingency plans if I'm not quite mobile before we go to France! So, it's unlikely I'll be able to get to a meet before so will plan it in for July onwards.

              Your trip to Kingsbury Water Park sounded fun- I used to live very near [about half a mile] and used to walk there with my dog and young son. It's a beautiful part of the country.

              Thanks, everyone for your welcoming messages. It's very reassuring to talk to like minded folks and share information and experiences. I can see myself spending a lot of time on this site! bye for now, Di.


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