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I'll cut to the chase...

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    I'll cut to the chase...


    I'd like to thank you for a nice, friendly Forum, which revolves around a subject that's close to my heart and which I've enjoyed reading and learning from.

    For some time I've been thinking of putting a van together, and whilst my preferred van conversion would be based on a late model Transporter T5, the financial realities of buying, converting and running one elevate it to that of a dream vehicle.

    Which means my intention to buy and convert a Fiat Doblo 1.3 MultiJet High Roof (van derived) car is now my actual, preferred van conversion!

    I hope to be able to add to the Forum in my own modest way.



    Cool!! Good Luck with the conversion, pictures please as you go along. its nice when you can build it as you want.

    Me, not good with tools so will stick with the caravan and people who make them for me
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      welcome Yes photos please, we all like to see how the conversion is progressing, I'm sure there are plenty on here who will have tips to offer who have converted theirs. Enjoy


        Hello Cal

        I am full of admiration for people who convert vans to their own specification, it's not something I could do, so well done you.

        Good luck with the conversion and I look forward to your contributions to the forum.
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          A brilliant idea. I almost embarked upon exactly the same myself in a Doblo car but then decided to have a 'practice run' in my old Kangoo van because we've never done anything like this before and it was a heart-in-mouth moment when the jig-saw began cutting through the roof. I'm very pleased with the results and hope to use it for a few years before doing the same again with a newer vehicle, either Kangoo, Berlingo or old-shape Fiat Doblo.

          The benefits of doing your own self-build are not only that you get a camper designed to your own specification on a base vehicle of your choice - but you also have the pride and satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself.

          You might find some of the videos here of help:

          Good luck with your project and please keep us posted on its progress.


            Hi Cal, good choice of base vehicle. I chose the Berlingo but the Doblo was in the running. I was thinking of going back to a VW T2 but I am all better now

            Loads of ideas on this link Spanish Forum, there are 23 pages now, they seem to like camping cars on the continent
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              Many thanks for the warm welcome, support and advice.

              The Spanish Forum was a real eye opener!

              Some of their conversions follow my preference for retaining maximum use of the (very limited) floorspace whilst utilizing every available nook and cranny.

              As a learning process its really enjoyable and the end result should be a Tardis-like van.


                Hi Cal and welcome to the forum!

                We have another Doblo owner on here - One Man (and his doblo) so he should be able to help you out if he can!

                Good luck with the conversion!


                  Hi Cal welcome to the forum I wish you all the best with your conversion, I'm afraid converting a van is way out of my capabilities, so yes please pictures on your progress would be very interesting.
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