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Hi there from Highworth

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    Hi there from Highworth

    Hi there, this is Martin from Highworth, Wilts. I was lucky enough to purchase a Romini caravan on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. It is lovely and due to a 'names out of the hat' competition within the family is now known as 'Romie'.
    It was purchased in 1986 from Island Plastics by a gentleman who towed it home to Bournemouth behind his 850 Mini. Its serial number is 786093 which means it was manufactured in July 1986 and is the 93rd one made by the company.
    Already attracting attention and various comments "Are you buying it in installments?" and "Are you going to put it in the awning?"
    So Romie will be out and about this season. I was a caravanner back in the 80s & 90s but had returned to a tent when the family upped and grew away, we now have grandchildren who embrace the open spaces so this is a compromise solution, I had looked at a Romahome but could not afford the multi passenger variant. Now I keep the car and its passenger seats but with the van and a good awning (at £209 an absolute bargain) we can take the gang away.
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    how refreshing to meet someone so well sorted.
    Well chosen that man!

    hi Martin,welcome to our extensive family,keep an eye on the meets and I look forward to seeing you onsite somewhere.
    Congratulations on your classic van.

    Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


      Thanks Ian

      I look forward to meeting up with you as well.
      My main thrust was to get me up into the mountains solo but more and more it became a way of getting the grandchildren out and about as well. I like to share my experiences as it is a way of interesting the young ones into what I have enjoyed about this beautiful country of ours.


        Hello Martin,
        So pleased to see another Romini owner on the Forum.
        I don't know whether you have had time to browse the Forum properly yet, but there is a sub-section for Rominis under "Caravan Chat".
        There may be useful info there.
        I and my Romini (and others) have been made very welcome. And even as the odd man out (which perhaps describes me ) with my Romini, I felt absolutely "part of the gang" at the recent Moreton in the Marsh gathering even though it was my first "meet".
        I don't think the encounter between Ian Stockley and myself in the Welsh Mountains last month could be classed as a "meet".
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          Hi Martin

          A belated welcome from me, glad you have found us, another Romini to add to our growing list.

          We have the same awning as you which we use when take our Grandchildren camping, that is a great price you got.
          Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


            Hi Martin, Your Romini looks a little gem, look forward to meeting up with you one day



              Hi from another Romini owner(Little Roo ). Hope to see you around.



                Hi from me also, Martin. How lucky were you, winning the Romini:welldone:

                You'll find this forum an amazing place; I've recently joined and have found it the most welcoming forum I've ever been on. Folks are so helpful; nothing seems to be too much trouble and there is usually someone who can help if you have queries.

                Hope you have many happy outings with the Romini and your grandchildren.



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