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Hi newbe here

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    Hi newbe here

    Hi jest joined you all today.
    We don't have a Romahome as yet,:( but are saveing up our £ for one, in june 2011 or before that.

    After haveing a few caravans, and campervans over the past 35 yrs we now feel we want more freedom to roam and a romahome will give us that ??.

    Had a few pigs in our time, but budget will be quite low, say £4000 mark, so do you think we can get a reasonable ride for that price mark.

    Hi Romeaway

    Welcome to the forum, its great to have you here, lots of Romahome owners on here so no shortage of friendly advice.

    There's no reason why you shouldn't get a reliable vehicle within your budget, Romahomes tend to be well loved and cared for. My advice would be to learn as much as you can about them and look at lots of vehicles between now and when you are ready to buy then you will know what you are looking at and be better able to make the right decision.

    Best of luck, keep us informed.
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      Hello Romeaway,
      Good luck with your hunt. It took me a long time to get my first Romahome, but I used my years of longing to research. This is a great place to get advice, ask away and everyone will help.


        hello and welcome

        You did the right thing in joining the forum, first decide what you must have in your romahome, high top or pop top, high tops are warmer. toilet or not. Most sites have a loo. heating, fan heater or something many people will you normally carry, two or four. Get out and look at several, if you can go visit Avon motor caravans, ant is good and honest.Beware of too many home made mods, and ensure you see all onboard devices working on the one you fancy, dead fridges are not unknown.
        Enjoy your time browsing, and good luck
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          Good Lock and Good Hunting, and you have joined a Friendly Bunch on here
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            Romahome hunt

            Welcome & good luck with your hunt. Our first Romahome was a J reg , bought from Ebay for £1,990. It did us proud for a year and then we upgraded to a newer Roma. We did find quite a few problems with our old one when it went for the MOT before we sold it but we expected that with such a cheapie.We did manage to get back every penny so we didnt lose on it but I think we were just lucky. We just love our Roma and cant wait to get out in it again.We have been to a couple of "meets" with other small motor home owners which we have enjoyed very much. Maybe we will see you at one in the future. Penny, Derek & Barney(the cat)


              A warm welcome Romaway.

              I'm sure you will find something to suit and yes a Romahome will definitely give you more freedom to roam

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              so give the time you have left more life


                hello from me


                  Thank's 4 wellcome

                  Thanks guys for the welcome been looking on ebay and other sites to get an idea of what we can get for our money.

                  1 question I have is should we get an older Roma, in good condition, but withing a few yrs the engine goes.
                  Can we fit a newer 1700 cc or 1900cc hdi in it, or :confused:.

                  As we don't want to get another later in the day, we want to spend what time and money we have on traveling in it.


                    Hello and good luck with your search - the one for you will be along soon!

                    The only advice I can give to your question is to take someone with you who knows about engines and can give you an idea of whether the miles on the clock relate to the engine!!

                    I took a chance on an Ebay Bedford Rascal Romahome which broke down twice on the way home. It was £2000 so I knew there would be some faults. After I'd had it serviced and several new parts it was ok and I still miss it! So be prepared to shell out extra the older the 'van is. If the mileage is low and proveable then it's less of a risk, as is servicing history, etc..


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