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Hello & happy new year everyone

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    Hello & happy new year everyone

    Have to admit i've been lurking on here for quite a while. Thought it about time i went legit!

    We changed over from tenting it to a Romahome after several years of OH obsessing about 'which van to buy'. Rented a Hymer (divine) but bought a Roma Duo from Freeborn in Soton last April and fell in love.

    Have been doing long weekends at Setthorns and been away to Suffolk & Norfolk and Dorset so far. Want to do a French trip this year.

    Romahomes rock..and its amazing how much interest our Duo attracts on sites - but guess you all know that!

    Hello Rofrano,
    Happy New Year to you too. I'm glad you're enjoying your romahome, I'm on my second (outlook this time) and thoroughly enjoy it. I use mine as my car, and am always attracting comments and attention. I did abandon mine at work the other night due to the snow, but was safe in the knowledge that unlike many others I would have a comfy night if I had to sleep in my vehicle!
    All the best,


      and Happy new Year to you.

      So glad you came out of lurking and look forward to reading of your exploits. The French will be even more interested in your Romahome, be ready for lots of strange looks .

      You can't give your life more time
      so give the time you have left more life


        Welcome to the forum Rofrano, thanks for joining us, glad you are enjoying your Duo. If you think it attracts comments and attention in this country wait till you go to France, they generally have never seen anything like it before and are amazed at what has been done to their familiar Berlingo van.

        When we had our Duo we were mystified by a strange smudge we kept getting on the back door window, we would rub it off and it would reappear, then one day we came back to the van to see a man peering in with his forehead resting on the window and hands cupped either side, mystery solved.
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          and a hello from me. We were a bit like that peeping through someones rear door of a romahome, We were so impressed with it and it is just the right size for us that we went and bought an Outlook. We STILL have not been away in it yet but other half uses it for errands and says it drives better and is more comfortable than our ford!!!!!


            Thanks everyone for your kind welcome. That's interesting what you say about the interest in Duos in France, we've already had enquiries from a Belingo van owner here in Islington.

            One great thing about the Duo here in Islington is that it fits (just) in our res park spaces, so while we keep it in Soton for the moment it's no trouble to bring up to London.


              Originally posted by Graham View Post
              a man peering in with his forehead resting on the window and hands cupped either side
              That happened to me in France last year. I was parked on the roadside and sitting in the driver's seat.

              I got out and gave them a guided tour, using my best Franglais!


                Seems a common occurence, it happens to us almost every time we use it. We have even had complete strangers driving past stopping and asking. (That bit worries me sometimes because i wonder if they have an ulterior motive)


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