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big hello

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    big hello

    well hello everyone,we are steve and lindy from sunny cardiff in sunny wales lol.

    well may i just say what a lovely forum you have here,i came about you while i was looking to fix my recently aquired romahome duo hytop,yep puddles in the back,thought it was the door seal,been trying to fix for a while but with no luck,then in a feat of madness and frustration i looked at the back plating on the step,and ended up taking up the plate and the bumper,and wow i had five large drill holes going through the body work,i could see my fridge even with the back door shut it looked like the previous owners had drilled the holes to rivet the plate to the back and drilled too deep and not done anything to seal the holes from the weather,so the rain just ran down the back puddled in the step and ran through the holes straight into the back.
    i ended filling the holes and resetting the plate and i have had no more leaks so far,hopefully thats the end of my leak.

    i have read an seen a fair bit on this forum and have not seen this problem fixed this way before so i am just offering another option for you to ponder.

    thanks and hi steve and lindy

    Hi Steve and Lindy

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words about it.

    Thanks also for sharing that information on your leak, it could help someone in the future.

    Enjoy the forum.
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      Hi from me too!


        Hi from me and welcome
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