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    Hello. I have converted my Suzuki alto (2005) to include a sleeping platform, toilet and enough storage space for a couple of nights away in the Scottish Highlands. The one problem I have is curtains. At present I am using blackout fabric held in place by velcro. This is not ideal so I would really like proper curtains. I just can't figure out how to fit a curtain wire. Any ideas gratefully received.

    Hi Ossian - a lot of vans (ours, for example) have a flexible tape with poppers on that fit into a track. If you search for caravan popper tape on eBay you'll get the idea but this hit has a reasonable picture

    You'll probably have to one around to find the matching channeling which hopefully you can ceiling mount. Alternatively pop along to any caravan/motorhome accessories shop and they'll probably have it in stock or at least be able to advise

    Enjoy the new van!


      I used refectix from Wickes.

      Cut the reflectix a couple of inches bigger than the window, place in the window aperture and run your fingers into the corners all the way around. The reflectix will take up the shape and stay in place. Even though you cannot see through the reflectix my wife suggested I spray mount blackout material on the side that showed outside. Looks really good.


        Several options I have used are
        1. Silent Gliss (This is an aluminium track and rail system, costly but very, very effective).
        2. Curtain wire, hook and eye (Will require some drilling as in No1)
        3. The method I'm using at the moment. Small neodymium magnets sewn into blackout material (in black) which I cut into exact shapes of the windows (using cardboard templates). Across the windscreen, where it is surrounded by plastic trim, I screwed strategically placed penny washers in place for the magnets to stick to. Simple to put up/take down, no wires/track very effective.


          We have the curtain track and the popper tape that Brian mentioned. Works well, and the curtains are easy to pull and close. Tie backs of some sort will be needed probably as the curtains can slide when the van is moving.

          However, the privacy curtain inside the van which closes off the toilet area is held by curtain wire.. Be careful how (where) you screw the eye hook though.

          You probably already know that they should be facing sideways on to the curtain wire or tension and the weight of the curtain will eventually rip them out of the mounting.

          To make these particular curtains easier to pull (than just having a channel in the curtain and the wire threaded through) I have sewn brass rings at even spaces on the width of the curtain and the wire feeds through the rings so that the curtains "swish" back very easily. Again, so easily that I use tie backs to hold them in place .

          Welcome to the site Ossian by the way


            Thank you all for your replies. Lots of food for thought. I will get back to you when I have decided which avenue to go down.
            looking forward to a wee camp out at loch Tay this weekend.


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