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Hello everyone & can you help me chose?

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    Hello everyone & can you help me chose?

    Hello - I'm a new driver about to buy my first vehicle *excitement* and I really want to get a micro camper. I've been googling away and reading up for days and have got a short list: Bedford Bambi, Rascal or Danbury? Citreon C15 HYLO or hightop?

    Can anyone advise me? I need to occassionally drive on motorways and I think power steering would be sensible. So I'm guessing this rules out the Bedfords?

    The hylo seems like a solid mini camper?

    Any tips appreciated.

    Welcome Karen,
    it's exciting getting your first vehicle.
    Very difficult to give absolute advice as it depends on the driver and what you want the vehicle to do.
    To be honest most of the Bambi, Rascal , Honda Acty types are getting a little old and are usually a bit underpowered to be using on the motorway.
    Unless they have had a recon engine or very pampered life. Rust is also a problem and it can be difficult to get parts.
    A demountable Romahome MK5 with the slanty windows are nice especially if you get one on a newer Daihatsu hi-jet with the 1.3 petrol. Campton insurance are competitive on price and know there subject.
    C15's are economical and nicer to drive long distances but rust can be a problem in mainly the older one's. It depends how much you can afford.
    You need someone to check them out for you really. Power steering is available on late 90's C15 but they are a lot dearer. In normal driving older C15's are light on the steering you just need to keep moving slowly while trying to park . Rear view is quite bad and reversing sensors help alot when parking.
    Try as many as you can and if you can wait til late early winter you will save hundreds of £'s


      Hi Peter and thanks for your reply... It's really useful and I'm going to take a few notes from it. I didn't want to spend more than £5000 budget. I'm really looking for a micro camper that is easy to drive, park and maintain. (Okay - so together these three things cost ££!)

      Do you know if there are any mechanical experts that might be willing to look over a vehicle for a small fee, in this forum? I know AA offer this service, but believe they don't check older vehicles.



        Hi, Karen

        Looking at your list of possible vehicles, I have a (new)R20. It is relatively luxurious,spacewise, if only one person is using it, but there is def enough room for two, espcially if you have an awning / overspill area of some sort for lounging around in. The older ones appear to me very similar in size inside, but I am certainly no expert!

        I do know that, with older vehicles, you do need to check the base vehicle / underneath parts in particular for rust / hidden deterioration.

        Good luck in your searches.
        Carpe diem! :)


          If you are anywhere near Bristol, then Ant of Avon Motors is your man to talk to. He will have used vehicles in stock and will give you the advice you need. He is the Ant of the Ask Ant thread on this forum, and what he doesn't know about Romahomes isn't worth knowing! He is very, very highly regarded by folk on here


            My first was a 1994 C15 Hylo, and I maenaged to drive it without any hassle. It had only done 30,000 miles and was around your price range. It did take me a very long time and a lot of searching to find the right one for me, and the same again when I changed to my Outlook. As a price guide, I sold the Hylo for £5500 2 years ago, still with only 37,000 miles on the clock and in pretty good nick.
            Enjoy searching, it's part of the fun!


              Hi Karen,
              I would ask around your local area if anyone knows of a decent mechanic.
              Perhaps look at buying from a dealer , you have more chance of getting any problems sorted by them than a private person.
              If you mainly need a car with just the occasional use of a camper there is a company called . They do a removeable conversion that fits in the boot of a Kangoo/Berlingo about £1200. It would be easy to drive either of those and you would be able to afford a decent modern one. I would go for the Renault Kangoo expression 1.5dci 80 / 84 60mpg and group 4/ 5 insurance £130 tax. Get the windows tinted(ask insurance first) and you have a very nice usable first vehicle/camper. If you like it Drivelodge do pop tops that give more headroom inside.
              They have done Drivelodge Joey conversions of Kangoo's aswell but they usually fetch a decent price.
              JC Leisure of Sussex did a Kangoo Roo conversion along the same lines.
              These vehicles are ideal for occasional camping but would not recommend them in winter as they are not insulated.
              Good luck and let us know how you get on


                There are a couple of Kangoo campers on Ebay at the moment one has only done 26000mls with full service history. It has an unusual conversion with a cooker/sink that stores inside one bed so you can have a full double bed if you like £6500
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                  Thanks everyone... the advice is much appreciated... I love the R20, but I think this one's out of my budget... I'll definately speak to Ant in Bristol - great to have a tip as garages can be dodgy. I'll also take a look at the kangoo on ebay. Lots to do! Shame you don't still have your C15 30,000 miles for sale Aileen

                  Best wishes


                    Hi Karen,
                    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search.


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