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So much to learn...........!

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    So much to learn...........!

    Hello everyone,

    I've just joined (a few minutes ago!) and look forward to learning from you.
    After a lifetime of camping I am hoping to graduate to a C15 Romahome Hy-Lo* in my old age.

    Two questions (to begin with) Can a C15 be fitted with a tow bar? I have a Thule towbar platform and bag which would be useful for bulky but light gear.
    And how is a C15 Romahome classified by the ferry companies - does it qualify as a car?

    Look forward to meeting up with you either on line or at a camp site!

    Best wishes,


    * PS I'm looking for an old, but sound and cherished C15 Romahome - let me know if you know of one?

    Hello Simon

    Welcome to our forum you have come to the right place lots if friendly help and advice, even the occasional banter.

    The general concensus of opinion regarding tow bars is that it is possible but not advisable.

    C15 on ferries are I think I am right in saying classified as cars but there is normally a height supplement to pay as you would for a car with a roof rack. Of course a C15 hylo would be classed as a car anyway as there is no height difference.

    Hope that helps, others will be along soon with more advice.
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      Originally posted by smngdfry View Post
      Hello everyone,
      Can a C15 be fitted with a tow bar? I have a Thule towbar platform and bag which would be useful for bulky but light gear.
      Hi Simon, the Romahome body extends the C15 base vehicle by quite a bit giving a large rear overhang. Fitting a rack on the back may not be a good idea, it would tend to transfer weight from the front wheels. There is loads of stowage in the Romahome, under both bunks and in the luton. Heavy items can travel in the gap between the bunks. What are you planning on taking? You won't need a kitchen sink, there is already one in the van
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        Hello Simon,
        Welcome to the forum. I had a C15 Hylo until June, when we changed to our Outlook. We find that ferry companies vary, for instance some just put on an extra charge because you're a motorhome, and some treat it as a car. Having said that, my vast knowledge of ferry prices only extends to Calmac (to Arran and Islay), Irish Ferries, and Northlink to the Shetlands. We haven't yet ventured abroad, but who knows.
        Good luck in hunting for your Romahome, we were lucky enough to find a low mileage one well cared for one and I'm sure there are others out there.


          Hi Simon,

          We live on the beautiful Isle of Wight and have recently bought a Romahome Outlook Duo, and it is within the same price range as a car on the ferries here, whereas our old Autosleeper was a fraction over the allowed height and so had an extra £10 charge per journey and you couldn't use special offer prices either - another good reason to buy a hylo or duo. If using our ferries, it is best to travel early or late season to get the best prices, and peak season you may find different times of day are at differing prices, and a Saturday in peak season and bank holidays are the most expensive. Internet bookings are generally the cheapest. By the way, if you collect Tesco points you can use them for Wightlink ferries, I think £10 points equals around £40 worth of travel tickets. You need to book at least 2 weeks in advance for this.

          Hope this info helps, Mary

          _ anyone else out there living on the IOW?


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