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    CyberCynth the was intended to indicate that my comment was a tongue in cheek reply to Lucy Mum's "why should I pay for toilets and showers if I don't use them". I could easily have used children's play areas or dedicated barbecue areas as an example (but since I knew Lucy's Mum has a dog I was gently poking fun too). By the same dint as your response I might be moaning if all my fellow campers didn't shower!

    BTW as a quick fact check only 23% of UK households own a dog so I am still distinctly in the majority!



      I wonder if the proportion is higher among campers BrianTheSnail . As we only go to dog- friendly sites a lot of people have dogs.

      Although it is nice to have a dog walk from the site I don't regard it as essential. We are a bit paranoid about not letting Lucy poo or wee near other people's pitches so it is better if there is a walk but if there isn't we just have to take her somewhere she can walk and if we are lucky, run. We have done ball throwing on sites when we have been the only occupant but only after checking with the owner.

      But..... With facilities closed on a lot of sites so that they don't have the burden of cleaning, as has been expressed before, why is the fee the same?


        In the interest of fairness shouldd the C&CC also scrap the illogical discount for the over 65s ?
        Never more than a bicycle ride away from being in a good mood.


          Just to put the record straight unless Cynth and others think me a dog hater - I am not in the least. I'm not a dog owner but am fairly neutral to dogs, kids, cats whatever as long as they don't cause me grief through noise, aggressive behaviour or pooh where it shouldn't be etc (and yes, that applies to all 3 ). And yeah, there probably is a higher percentage of dogs owners who have campervans/motorhomes although I would be surprised if they are yet in the majority.

          As far as sites charging - they will set their prices and possibly offer discounts in order to maximise their profits. This staycation summer has seen some sites keeping prices as normal whilst offering reduced amenities, some appear to have blatantly tried to profiteer from the sudden rise in demand for camping and motorhome pitches, whilst others seem to have swallowed a fair amount of cost to keep prices down and do as much as possible to make the site Covid-safe. We campers have the very simple remedy of voting with our feet. When Liz and I choose a site cost is one of the last parts of the equation, we decide it is an area we want to go, has amenities we consider important (often things such as proximity to a decent pub and to frequent buses, along with decent walks and things of local interest) and pick a site appropriately. It is only at this point we mouth "How MUCH?!!!" and start looking for alternatives - and if we don't find them we'll often say "to heck with the cost, this site is where we want to be"

          Although I did make the mistake of paying an arm and a leg in thinking Southport might be a good place to spend our anniversary
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