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    I don't think that professional body repairers use underseal any more, if they ever did. "Heavy Underseal" smacks heavily of poor welding that needs to be hidden, or worse - filler that needs to be hidden, or worst of all as I have seen, - stuff newspaper in the rust hole and cement over it followed by underseal! At its best, underseal is an amateur thing to use, no one in the trade would do it. A proper bodyshop doing a proper job would weld new metal in and then spray 'body shutz' over it, a bit like spraying waxoyl but better, like the stuff that manufacturers use under bodies.
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      The description sounds familiar and may relate to one I have seen on Facebook from a dealer who has a decidedly dodgy reputation which may or may not be deserved. The underseal does sound suspicious.
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        What worries me is twice it appears to have been off the road 2011 to 2014 and 2015 to 2017.

        In its self this should not be a major issue, but there are other worrying issues. - One would expect the corroded fuel pipe would be replaced, but it appears to have been ignored, which may reflect a worrying attitude to maintenance on the part of the previous owner, or the dealers.

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          Welcome Kathryn 16
          The right vehicle for you is out there; the difficult part is discerning which one it is. The good folk hereabouts will help to steer you clear of the con merchants until then​​​​​​​
          Tiz me:thumbsup:


            If you could avoid the C15 and stretch to a Berlingo base (budget permitting of course) I think in the longer term you will be very glad you did.

            C15's are great, we had one, but you are constantly chasing the rust as they do corrode badly, even on the nicest of kept vehicles whereas the Berlingo base is much more rust resistant.

            Any Q's fire away n I'll do my best to help....having had experience of both.


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