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Hi from West Wales - Part-time camper insurance question

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    Hi from West Wales - Part-time camper insurance question


    We’re just starting out on converting our Fiat Doblo to a very simple camper.

    The plan (so far) is to keep the vehicle as our everyday mode of transport and when we plan to go away take out the back seats and fit in a bed and cooker/fridge unit. This sounds OK to us but to insurers it doesn’t fit into any of their categories, it’s either got to be a bog standard MPV or a fully kitted out camper.

    So before going to far into the conversion work I think it might be an idea to look into how to insure it.

    Any ideas? Many thanks.


    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I wish you luck with this project. I've been where you are with a Renault Kangoo car. Insurers wouldn't accept any sort of 'adaptation' so I changed my plans and did the same with a Kangoo van instead where there is more flexibility. However, even that wasn't straightforward so I ensured the fittings were quite rough and basic and would appear to be a series of wooden lockers (which, it just so happened by pure coincidence, were capable of being sat on or slept on...!!!).

    Your fridge might be tricky. Is this a powered coolbox? If not, how are you planning to power it? I don't think any insurer would be happy with you carrying a gas cylinder which would need to be in a specific and vented locker.

    My advice would be to keep everything very simple, very basic, appearing to be goods in transit and not very obvious!!

    (Whereabouts in West Wales are you? I wild-camp often in Pembrokeshire.)


      hello and welcome,KarenW is our resident expert on wildcamping,and several other members have done what you propose,so you are in the right shop for tips and advice.
      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


        Welcome to the forum, I like to buy ready made motorhomes, a lot less hassle for me (not very handy).

        Nevertheless as Ian says there are plenty on here who will be able to give you good advice with your project.
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          If they can't fit you into one of the few available pre-defined categories you are too much of a risk and nobody will insure you.
          I for example was considering a mod to my van and wanted to know what would be insurance implications - asked insurance company and they said that it would not be acceptable for them, so I said OK quote me without this particular mod. The answer was very firm NO thank you. Just thinking about something puts you in the dodgy category and they were not interested in my custom.
          Like wild camping, stealth campervan mods are very grey area and I know no insurance company that is interested (unless they can rip you off).
          Keep it simple and pretend that the car/van is as it was originally intended...


            Thanks for the welcome and for the tips.

            For us it’s a step up from many years of basic camping with a tent. The idea of keeping it simple and obviously easily removable makes sense on all fronts and surely for insurance purposes it can be considered as “camping equipment” under household insurance (as was our old camping stuff).

            It’ll just make the design a bit more interesting and unique…..don’t mind that.



              If you use a compressor fridge it is truly portable and so could be part or a removeable unit of "camping equipment" that just happens to live and be useable in your van.



                Hi and welcome. I think there are a few Doblo owners on this site. Hopefully on e or two will contact you.


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