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Hi from Belfast

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    I think it depends on how big you want the van to be, how long you intend holidaying for and how many people and pets you're taking with you. And also what compromises you're willing to make on space. See as many as you can and imagine the space inside when converted. Have a look on YouTube for walk around videos on different models and see what appeals.



      Originally posted by 19pc71 View Post

      Hi.. looking for somethin around size of ford transit/Renault traffic etc & I'll have to pay someone to do conversation as I wouldnt have a clue where to start or the talent to take something like that on myself.
      Haha, that makes two of us then!

      Not sure about reliability of vans but I'm wondering whether you need to consider easy availability of (and reasonably priced) spares. Brexit delays, an' all that. IMHO VWs are pretty reliable and there's usually no probs getting spares, although the vans are expensive to buy and the parts are costly, too! And don't mention insurance groups....

      RUToyota has a Toyota Estima about which he is always singing praises! The Japanese have got a good reputation for reliability, but I don't know whether spares are made here in the UK, or imported.

      Maybe a common or garden Trannie would fit the bill although I think you'd have to be careful about the mileage.... Good luck with your search, anyway, and keep us up to date. By the way, I expect you already know you can check the mileage and MOT history at:

      Check the MOT history of a vehicle - GOV.UK (

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