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    Just wanted to say hello all.
    I have been into motorhomes campers for a few years including building a couple of conversions. I also do all my own recovering of seats ect which I really enjoy. I sold my last camper a couple of years back and want to buy another and so I,m now looking for a romahome that I can fit in my garage, and the other reason is we love touring europe. Love the site and enjoying reading the posts.

    And it is really good to have you on board Jonathon.... Do ask if you need any help in anyway, do share your adventures.

    I have not yet ventured abroad to tour although would love to do so.. I am a bit nervous of trying. I always admire people that set sail to the continent.




      Hi tent peg,
      Thanks for welcoming me and you should try Europe it sounds much worse than it really is. I think it is much easier to drive through Europe than it is to drive through the uk, much more space far better camp sites and a great experience. You would not regret trying believe me. Ive drove to turkey, and Greece a few times it's wonderful adventure.


        Another hardy traveler who has taken their campervan to Greece!

        Welcome, we have been to Greece & Portugal (and nine other countries in between) and can't recommend it highly enough.
        Aircooled VW Camper nut!


          I may try it one day..... would be fun to take the R20 to France, it sounds really good.

          Some pics would be nice of some of the places you have travelled.. we love pics here. Have only ever been to Spain once and France so enjoy looking at the pics.
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            Hi Jonathan and welcome.

            derek b and Babs
            derek b and Babs


              Hi, Jonathan and welcome, This is a great forum and folk are very friendly and helpful so ask away. I agree that it seems easier to drive on the continent despite right hand drive. The roads, in general, don't seem as congested and the pace of life doesn't appear to be so frantic.

              Hope to see you at some of the meets.



                Goodmorning Jonathan,
                Welcome to the family,although a lot of us have Romahomes we are not exclusive and I am sure you will get helpful advice and tips here,I hope to see you at a meet/rally soon.

                Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                  Hi from me too!

                  I stick to the UK myself, for the same reasons as Tentpeg, but also because of the cost! Although, I like to go to out of the way places when I do get out! It was wonderfully easy to tour the outer Hebrides a few years back in my little camper, not so easy now I'm towing a diddy caravan!


                    Hi, Jonathan and a big welcome from me too.
                    Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
                    'Live without regrets'


                      Abigail thanks

                      A big thanks for the warm welcome to all who have posted



                        hello jonathon i welcome long distance travellers. I did Greece and Turkey in 1966 in a ex military Austin champ and have not stopped travelling since, for adventure try Iceland.


                          Hi UKJonathon,
                          good morning, good afternoon or good evening depending when you see this post.

                          I'm sellling my hytop but not sure if it'll fit into your garage.

                          will be putting it on this site in a few days time.



                            Hi Riosromahome,
                            I'm sure I could get a romahome in lengthways, and the width it is just the height, but I will measure it.



                              Hi grizzley,
                              Iceland, it's funny you mention there I have thought about it, and I,m sure it will be on my list if I get another camper. I travelled to east Turkey to a place called Van, and it is known for its huge lake that looks like an ocean. It really is a place time forgot and a trip I will never ever forget


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