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Barn owl

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    Barn owl

    hi all to all the roma homers that are waiting to see my first hellow i am loged on using my own name . smashing rally at kings lynn.

    Hello & welcome

    I'm not quite a fellow romahomer but on the road with a little autocruise vlanetine.
    I've not made it to any meets yet but hopefully soon.

    Happy travelling
    Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see :)


      Hi David
      Welcome to the forum. It was lovely having you as a neighbour at the Roma AGM. Sorry you got a initial unfriendly welcome at the AGM,as did I !! I am sure your welcome here will be much more friendly. Hope you have got your R10 sorted and tidy now, ready for your next trip out. Look forward to meeting up again sometime.
      Any question just ask, someone on this very friendly forum will soon have an answer.


        Hello David

        Welcome to the forum, I love your owl, has he got a name?
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          Hi David,
          Welcome I was at the AGM first time as well, seems we didnt get to say hello, so will save that for another meet, soon I hope!


            Hi, David, and welcome. If you've met some of the SMH&F folk at the RomaHome AGM I'm sure you've found out we're a really friendly lot.

            Hope to meet up with you at one of the several gatherings this year. I have a 1992 Talbot Express and love getting out and about in it with my labrador, Bracken.

            Enjoy the site.



              hi David. Welcome to the forum. Love the pic of the barn owl.

              Hope we meet you at one of the meets, whether SMHF ones or the Romahome ones. I think you will find the SMHF people are a friendly, knowledgeable bunch. Lots of different personalities and backgrounds, but all with travel as a key interest.
              Carpe diem! :)


                Hi David and welcome
                derek b and Babs


                  Hi there!

                  Hi Barn Owl,
                  Pleased to see you've flown in. Love the photo. Good to have another R10 owner on this site and from the north as well!:so happy: Enjoyed Kings Lynn weekend. Hopefully many more.


                    HI from me too! Enjoy the website and look in the fancy meeting up section, we do lots of little meets and a couple of big rallys in Spring and Autumn.


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