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Greetings from the North East

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    Greetings from the North East

    been lurking for a while - and only joined a few weeks ago, but thought it was time to say Hello

    Based in County Durham and camped for most of my life. Last 25 + years have been disabled so gradually moving away from tents, currently using an Oztent - shown below

    but now actively seeking a Romini.
    I am sure my vehicle will manage to tow it

    Once I find one I am sure you will see me around the meets.
    (After looking at Meets Events - do you have any in the North ???)


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    Hello George

    Welcome to the forum, glad you have stopped lurking you will find we are a friendly lot and don't bite.

    Your car looks as if it might just about manage to tow a Romini with a bit of a struggle.

    We have meets wherever anyone decides to organise one, if you want to meet up with folk in the north why not put a post in "Fancy meeting up" section and perhaps you will get people to join you.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


      G30rge northern Members

      Absolutely deeeee lighted to find a new member from the north.
      I've just made my first voyage in my R10 down to Cambridge but would love to meet up with fellow travellers closer to home - Newcastle on Tyne.
      Keep in touch.
      Jill S


        YE GODS a foreigner! :eek: Somebody North from Watford gap....... A lurrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrker from the North!

        Welcome George, somebody who loves tents as well even better. Ant I think has a Romini caravan at the moment as well... mind you he is well South of the Watford gap near Bristol. So you need a :bicycle:

        WELCOME again.

        Yep I am playing with Pauline and Graham's icons...


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