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Need 2 berth small motorhome for self and disabled son

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    Need 2 berth small motorhome for self and disabled son

    At present I nhave a VW Type 2campervan. Needing to sell it as I can't reach the pedals easily. Want to get a small 2 berth motorhome into which I can put a wheelchair! Need advice as to which small motorhome would be best. Like the Romahomes but the door is too narrow at the back and I really need a side sliding door with double or wide door at back. Any ideas? Thanks!


    Should have said before I also live in Wales near Hay on Wye but also know Bridgend and points in between! Must look out for small motorhomes!


      Hello Jeanie

      Welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place for advice and friendly chat.

      Have you thought of a Dimension, I'm not sure whether the pedals are any different to the VW but it certainly fits the bill in all other respects, double doors at the back and a sliding door on the side.

      See my video.
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        Hi Jeanie

        The T2 takes the wheelcharir ok at the moment presumably? I've no idea on dimensions but have you looked at Bongos, eg:



          Thanks to Graham and Marc for suggestions. Haven't looked at Bongos yet but the Romahome Dimension looks good on the video. Will check out £££!


            Look at the C15 NU-Venture advertised on the bottom of the site, you can get a folding wheelchair into one I have seen it done.
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              I don't know if this will be of any help, but in the July C&CC magazine, page 96, there is an article about campers and caravanners with mobility problems. They talk about a company called that undertake conversions to caravans and motorhomes, both new and 2nd hand. They also mention a show coming up this coming weekend at the Peterborough show ground, and also the same show near Edinburgh on the 17th - 18th July.

              The club are also prducing a 4 page data sheet with help and ideas, its due to be published in August.
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                Think this is a specialist area. Would think the first step is to establish what facilities you will need which will depend on the disability of your son. Can he transfer independantly for instance from chair/bed to wheelchair etc.

                A very small motorhome may not give you all the space you need for moving around. Would a motorbility organisation be the first step? Or perhaps you need to contact a company like Romahome or autosleepers direct because I bet it is not the first time they have had this situation.


                  Thanks so much for all suggestions and relevant points made. Still got to sell the VW Campervan first and then will follow up.


                    disabled campervanners

                    hello Jeanie, just joined the forum today and hope my information is of use to you.
                    We have a VW T4 fitted with a wheelchair lift, the rear seat folds down into a largeish double bed which may not be appropriate in your circumstances but a central divider could be fitted to form two seperated sides.
                    The vehicle was supplied by Bilbo's and they arranged for the lift to be fitted by a company in Manchester.
                    Both our son and daughter are disabled and we manage very well with this vehicle ... obviously we do not all sleep in it at the same time, we tow a caravan with it and our daughter loves to sit in the camper for meals, watching DVD's etc as she has her own space.
                    The camper has the usual toilet, sink, fridge etc, good luck in your search.


                      Thanks again to all of you for suggestions. Have now sold VW Camper albeit for half the price we paid for it! Heyho! Anyway, have now looked at the Renault Kangoo Roo but even with side sliding doors still too small! I will carry on looking and one day something will turn up.


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