Morning all....well i have come to a Peugeot Expert is too small for me...what with my hip and knee...and my bulk...i bought it as it would be about the same size as my old VW campervan inside...and i thought it would be fine for me...however,today i almost came cropper...getting out my hip locked at the angle i was...anyway.,imagine getting dressed in there,washing etc,,,no it wont work im sad to if anyone wants the cupboard i bought ( see pics on my past comment).. its yours for FREE! is clear that i need at least a High Top MWB Van size..pref Peugeot/Vauxhall type size to convert so i can move about in it.....plans scuppered yet again.......yupo i suppose i shoud`nt feel downhearted....after all i have my Caravan..and the Peugeot Expert is a great tow-car for it...and once i fit the sde windows. in the doors..i could always just put in a single blow up air-bed..and kip for the night at a Brit Stop??...could even put one of thoe camping cupboards/table they use in tents to make my morning cuppa?.