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  • Looking for places to park up in scotland

    Our trip oop north starts very soon and ive got to say I'm starting to panic just a little bit..
    every one says oh yes Scotland you can 'camp' anywhere.....
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  • puffinman
    started a topic DVLA


    Day van, what will the dvla except in a day van !?
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  • Dft / DVLA "minimum cooking facilities" clarified - only one ring required!

    This is probably more relevant to the "Cars and Light Vans Adapted for Camping" sub-forum but it applies to all conversions.

    EU Directive 2007/46/EC, a framework for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles, states in Paragraph 5.1: 5.1. ‘Motor Caravan’ means a special purpose M category vehicle constructed to include living accommodation which contains at least the following equipment: — seats and table, — sleeping accommodation which may be converted from the seats, — cooking facilities, and — storage facilities. This equipment shall be rigidly fixed to the living compartment; however, the table may be designed to be easily removable. ------------------------------------- The DfT Guidance "Converting a vehicle into a motorhome" Updated 22 April 2016, includes the following guidance: "If you have converted a van into a motor caravan then you must return the V5C to DVLA for body type amendment" "Cooking facilities must: - be an integral part of the vehicle living accommodation and mounted independently of other items - be secured to the vehicle floor and / or side wall - be secured as a permanent feature - bolted, riveted, screwed, or welded - consist of a minimum of a 2 ring cooking facility or a microwave in either case having a fuel / power source If the cooking facility is fuelled by gas having a remote fuel supply: - the fuel supply pipe must be permanently secured to the vehicle structure - the fuel reservoir must be secured in a storage cupboard or the reservoir secured to the vehicle structure." "Legal information The information in this document is a summary of the department’s understanding of what the law requires. However, ultimately the interpretation of the law is a matter for the courts based on individual facts of any particular case. You are therefore advised to consult the relevant legislation and, if necessary, seek independent advice." -------------------------------- I have used a small campervan (professionally customised Fiat Scudo Combi) with a two-ring cooking facility and no microwave for over five years and have never found it necessary to use more than one ring. The DfT guidance cannot be related to having "spare capacity", ie. in case one ring is defective, as the alternative provision is a single microwave. Unless there is some other legislation that has a bearing on this matter, I feel that the minimum requirement of a 2 ring cooking facility, as interpreted by the DfT, represents redundant over-provision of cooking facilities. I would therefore be grateful if you could clarify why the DfT understands that "the law requires" a minimum of a 2 ring cooking facility, ie. rather than a one-ring cooking facility. If there is no other legal requirement that impacts on this matter, I would be grateful if you could advise me whether the DfT would be willing to reconsider the current guidance? Yours faithfully, Liz Panton
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  • Bobajob
    started a topic Propex compact 1600

    Propex compact 1600

    Hi I'm after a propex compact 1600 if anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price? Or does anyone know of any alternative heaters for campervans?...
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  • Bradford Paul
    started a topic Help on electric

    Help on electric

    Hi this is my first post for some help i have a Swift Challenger 490 se. Nothing wrong with it at all. But i Sadly lost my Wife last year but we was going...
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  • Wheel chair access vehicle conversion

    Hi everyone I'm new to posting on this, or any other forum so please excuse me if I'm getting anything wrong.

    I think I want to convert a...
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  • Best minibus for a conversion? Crafter/Ducato/Master

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum. I am a keen (tent) camper from Northumberland and I have been presented potential opportunity to purchase...
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  • Campervan insurance cheaper than car or van insurance? Not getting it...

    ...Literally or in a matter of speaking.

    You all seem a very lovely bunch of people and very knowledgeable with lots of experience, so...
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  • Saying goodbye to my boot jump

    Hi folks,

    For those interested, I've posted an ad in the for sale section selling off my barely used Berlingo Boot Jump.

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  • Another Amdro Boot Jump for sale (Oxford)

    Hi folks,

    Having now bought a Romahome Dimension (see other threads), it's time to sell off the Amdro Boot Jump (I need the cash and also...
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  • Highdoblo
    started a topic Hello, I am starting to convert my Doblo.

    Hello, I am starting to convert my Doblo.

    I am stating with my Doblo conversion. It's an 05 plate Hightop. My first question (I am sure more will come) is how to remove the wooden floor? I have...
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  • Mouse
    started a topic Feeling Very Sad

    Feeling Very Sad

    I have wanted a R10 for ages and now when I come to buy one I find that it does not meet my need. I feel so sad. I have also enquired about the next size...
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  • 10KDA
    started a topic VW Touran Campervan

    VW Touran Campervan

    I wanted to show people my DIY Touran Camper.
    Made for less then £100.

    Please see my vid for a better look: https://www...
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  • dadee666
    started a topic Converting early C15 Romahome to LPG (Gaslow)

    Converting early C15 Romahome to LPG (Gaslow)

    Hello folks , just thought that this excercise might be of interest.
    I have just downsized from a huge Dodge 50 coachbuilt, which I have...
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  • Help buying a second hand van/car to convert

    Hello all, I'm Tom, I'm new to these forums

    I'm currently looking for a van (I say van, I mean car with rear windows) such as a Citreon...
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